Graduate Student Center Use Guidelines

The Graduate Student Center (GSC) is maintained by The Graduate School for informal to semi-formal meetings or events related to graduate and professional student education on campus. Please adhere to the following guidelines.


The primary purpose of the GSC is programming by The Graduate School. Graduate School meetings and programs receive priority and The Graduate School reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of requests for use of the facility.

The GSC is available for graduate, professional and post-doctoral student group events and graduate education events on a reservation basis. The GSC is not intended for regular classroom instruction for courses not affiliated with The Graduate School.

The GSC is accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Hours of Availability

The Graduate Student Center is available between 8:30am and 7pm, Monday-Thursday, and 8:30am to 4pm on Fridays.

Reservation times must include set-up and clean-up time. For example, if you have requested an hour-long event, the latest time that the event can begin is 5:30pm. The event will end at 6:30pm, leaving 30 minutes for clean-up time. The GSC Director will approve requests for events scheduled after hours on an individual basis.

Available rooms

Main Conference Space:

Equipped with internet connection, projector, screen, and whiteboards. You may bring your own laptop. The space can be configured seminar style (up to 70 seats in rows, no tables), classroom style, or for small working groups (up to 45 seats with tables).


The individual making the reservation ("event organizer") assumes full responsibility for the use of the space. This includes arranging the furniture, returning the space to its original condition, cleaning up the rooms/food/refrigerator, and leaving the space in a neat and usable condition. The event organizer is also responsible for any damage to facilities or equipment. Upon arrival, if the space is not in its expected condition, immediately contact the GSC Director.

The Graduate School reserves the right to ask the event organizer to provide security for their function.

Requests for reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Email your reservation request to the GSC Director at least three (3) business days, but no more than six months before the requested dates. Reservation requests are subject to availability and the Director’s approval. If the Director approves the reservation request, they will send you an email confirmation.

By state law all functions which serve alcoholic beverages must follow University guidelines detailed in the University's Alcohol Policy. The Requesting Permission to Serve Alcoholic Beverages at University-Sponsored Events form is available from the University Policy site.


The parking lot adjacent to the GSC is shared by multiple tenants and all spots are assigned by permit only. Do not park in this lot or you risk being towed at your own expense.

The event organizer may request to reserve the 211A Visitor spot parallel to the front of the building. If approved, this reservation will be confirmed by the GSC Director in writing via email. No other visitor parking is allowed. The event organizer is responsible for communicating parking information to attendees.

Metered parking is available on Cameron Ave. Public parking is also available on Franklin Street as well as nearby University Visitor Parking pay lots. Check the UNC Public Safety Department parking maps for more information.

The GSC is accessible by ramp using the covered back entrance.

Conditions and Limitations for Use

All event organizers must follow the rules and conditions for use of the GSC facility.

  • Building Access: The event organizer is responsible for making sure that all doors to the building are locked at the end of the event and that all participants have exited the building. The event organizer will be given time-limited One Card swipe access to the GSC. The event organizer should be the first person to arrive and the last person to leave. Access to the space is limited to the reserved time only.
  • Food and Beverages: Food and beverages are allowed in the GSC. No alcoholic beverages may be served without express written permission from the Office of the Chancellor. The kitchen is available for use and includes a fridge, freezer, sink, and microwave. All food must be removed after each event.
  • Furniture: The event organizer is responsible for arranging the tables and chairs as needed for the event then returning the tables and chairs to the original arrangement. (See sign placards in the GSC illustrating the default furniture arrangement.)
  • Signage: Do not place signs on walls, windows, or doors.
  • Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the GSC, including the outdoor patio area.
  • Technology: A projector, laptop (wireless enabled) and screen are available for use. A hand-held microphone or lapel microphone is also available, but must be requested in advance. The GSC is connected to UNC's eduroam wireless signal.
    Be aware that the acoustics of the space may make it challenging to capture sound. GSC staff are not responsible for assisting with technology needs or troubleshooting.
  • Cleaning: The event organizer is responsible for returning the facility to its original condition. All spaces used for the event must be left in a clean and mutually agreed upon condition. Trash, bottles, cans, and decorations must be disposed of at the end of the event. Full trash and recycling bins must be emptied immediately after the event is complete. Dumpsters are located at the back of the GSC parking lot. Additional garbage bags are located at the bottom of each trash receptacle.

Failure to leave the space as it was found will result in forfeiture of future use privileges for the academic year.

Graduate Student Center Director:
Vanessa Doriott Anderson, Ph.D.
211A W. Cameron Ave. CB#5492
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-5492