Dental Insurance Information for Graduate Students

Why doesn't UNC offer dental insurance?

The UNC System and UNC-Chapel Hill do not offer or endorse a dental insurance plan. However, dental care is offered in the Campus Health building by Campus-Smiles, and Campus-Smiles has partnered with a low-cost dental insurance plan.

Campus-Smiles accepts all major PPO dental insurance plans.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance generally covers two cleanings per year and then a percentage of the cost of fillings, crowns, x-rays, extractions, and other dental procedures based on the policy benefits. Most dental insurance policies have a waiting period before you can receive any extensive care such as an extraction or crown.

Once you have dental insurance and before you visit the dentist:

Ask your dentist the following questions before making an appointment:

Be clear on your financial responsibility before you have a procedure done. Ask the dentist to provide you with a quote based on your insurance benefits.

If you don’t have dental insurance, but want to have it:

Consider your needs. When shopping for dental insurance, be sure to look carefully at each plan for waiting periods, exclusions, and maximum payouts. Also, verify that there are providers in the area that participate in the plan you are considering purchasing. The plan endorsed by Campus Smiles is BrightSmiles for students.

Other major dental insurance vendors:

These websites offer you the ability to compare plans:

If you need dental care/treatment (with or without insurance):

There are also many options for dental care in the UNC area. These dentists work with students on a regular basis and may be able to set up payment plans:

Do you have a dental emergency?

If so, you may have to: pay out-of-pocket for your care depending on whether or not you have dental insurance, meet your waiting period limit, or have coverage for the type of complaint you are experiencing.

These are clinics that accept reduced payments or perform free care if you qualify:

For more specific information about the above clinics and other resources in the area, visit: UNC Emergency Department Dental Options Sheet