Academic and Financial Policy Regarding Tuition and Drop Dates

The Graduate School follows the University Registrar's Calendars for academic registration dates. A summary of the drop dates and associated processes and penalties follows:

Time of Semester Drop Process Possible Penalty
First day of class until Census Date1 ConnectCarolina Student Center None
Day after Census Date until Final Online Drop Date2 ConnectCarolina Student Center Tuition Repayment
Day after Final Online Drop Date until Administrative Drop Deadline3 Drop Form w/ DGS and GS Dean Signature Tuition Repayment; Academic

Explanation of Possible Penalties

Tuition Repayment –

Academic –

  1. The day of the tenth class meeting in a semester is considered the Official University Enrollment Reporting Date or “Census Date”. Students may drop courses via ConnectCarolina Student Center until this date without academic or financial penalty. The Census Date is the last day to reduce course load and have tuition adjusted. (Note that dropping all courses requires processing a withdrawal of enrollment from the University and follows a different prorated refund policy.)
  2. The last day for graduate students to drop a course online is typically approximately eight weeks after the first day of classes for a semester.
  3. The Administrative Drop Deadline is typically approximately two weeks before the final day of classes for a semester.

Updated: Fall 2021